Matty Lamb – St Helens Answer To Jake Bugg

We were chatting with Gary Maddock the Town Centre manager and he told us about a young lad who had blown him away with his music.  “He’s St Helens answer to Jake Bugg”, are the words that Gary used, so after hearing this we definitely thought we’d better check out what this guy is up to. At the end of the article you’ll find some of his music to listen to. Matty will be performing at the Xmas Light Switch on in St Helens Town Centre this Saturday.

Matty told us more about himself and his music background “I live in Sutton, St Helens, am 17 years old and studying A Levels at The Sutton Academy 6th Form; Music Technology being one of my subjects. My plan for the future is a career within the music industry.”

“My music influences are Kings of Leon and Johnny Cash as they both encourage me to write songs. I enjoy listening to music including The Strokes, Catfish & The Bottle Men, Oasis amongst other indie / rock bands.”

“From a young age I have always had an interest in music. Both my mum and dad always played music in the house and the car therefore I have listened to a lot of good music…and some not so good in my opinion ha ha”

“I started playing music at the age of 13 as a drummer in a band with some school friends. We did some local gigs and festivals, however, at the end of 2016 some of the band members decided they wanted to go their separate ways.”

“With a love for music, both listening and playing, I decided to keep my eye open for another band to join and as I also play the guitar I went along to jam nights hosted by Jack Bennett, the lead singer of St Helens Band, Stillia.”

“At first I used to play the guitar and Jack would sing until one night I was brave enough to get up on my own. The feedback I received that night was amazing, so many people encouraged me to give up the drums and concentrate on being a singer / guitar player. “

“So I sold my drum kit and in April I had my first acoustic gig, from there the bookings just kept coming in. I have been so busy so far this year with loads of gigs still to do and already I have quite a few bookings for next year, the majority being repeat bookings and also some new venues.”

“I owe a big thanks to Gary Maddock, Town Centre Manager of St Helens Council. Since seeing me perform at the St Helens Beer Festival in July he has recommended me to others and promoted all my events. I have taken part in a summer festival in the town centre, been booked for the next Beer Festival at the Town Hall later this month and this weekend I will be performing at the Xmas Light Switch on in Victoria Square. I am very excited about and really looking forward to it”

“I have recently started to write and record my own music, with 4 songs ready for people to listen to and plenty more on the way.”







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