Autumn At Knowsley Safari

As the cold nights draw in, Knowsley Safari’s animals bask in a new season of sounds, smells and sights.

From lions and tigers rolling in the leaves, to large European bison and Bactrian camel coats thickening, Knowsley’s animals are getting ready for a Merseyside winter.



Knowsley Safari is home to over 750 animals who enjoy a naturally diverse landscape spread across a five-mile Safari Drive and foot safari. Visitors can also download a brand new Knowsley Safari app and find out more information on the awe-inspiring animals and activities as they make their way around the Safari.

Enjoy the changing scenery of Knowsley Safari for less this winter at just £15 per car and free entry to the foot safari until January.

Knowsley Safari is closed on Monday and Tuesday throughout the winter season with the amusement rides opening on 25th-26th November and weekends only until Christmas.

Learn more about our animals and what’s on at Knowsley Safari visit:


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