Community Christmas Breakfast

A Community Christmas Breakfast will take place at Newton Community Centre on Tuesday 19th December.

Lisa Hulme, from the Centre, told us more “Newton Community Centre closes for Christmas on the 15th December but we were aware that lots of our regular visitors may still need some access during the week before Christmas”

“We were originally going to open on the 19th and 21st December 10am til 1pm for people to use the café and the IT room etc or just pop in for a chat. Then we thought about doing something a bit more special and the idea of the Community Christmas Breakfast came to life!”

“The Community Christmas Breakfast takes place on Tuesday 19th December from 10am to Midday.”

“It is free of charge and all we ask is that the local residents who want to attend, pop into the Centre asap to pick up a ticket (the tickets gives us an idea of how many to cater for!).”

“It is a lovely opportunity for our local community to get together in our lovely Centre – some may come as couples or families but for some, they will come alone and it will be a time to spend with friends, old and new.”

“The event will be staffed by staff and volunteers, all giving them time freely, and it will be a fun event.

The Centre has to cover the cost of everything (we are hoping to raise some funds for it at our Christmas Fair on the 2nd December (flyer below)– although our local Tesco has offered cartons of orange juice . If any other supermarket, or individuals, would like to help we need:

Barm Cakes
Fruit Juice
Fresh Fruit

The Centre will also be open on 21st December for people to access the café and the IT suite but there will be no classes or training running between 15th December and 2nd January 2018.



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