Gift a Free Website For Christmas

Turtle Media in Liverpool are offering a totally free website to someone who needs a break.

They aim to make this an annual event to help someone who needs a little bit of a lift.

Can any of you think of anyone they know, or have heard of that has a great new product, a fantastic message or even a charitable organisation that needs a hand. Whoever they are and whatever they do, if you think they need a helping hand, then please get involved and nominate them, so that you too can be involved in the Gifting of a brand new FREE Website.

All nominations must be entered by Friday 24th November on the contact form below. They will judge every nomination on its merits and make the full and final decision on Friday 1st December. The winning website will go live on the 24th December, Christmas Eve and will give someone who needs it, a great start to 2018.


More info and to nominate =>



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