St Cuthberts Visited By Bank Of England

Bank of England Chief Operating Officer, Joanna Place, discusses the future of UK economy with local school students as a part of the launch of Future Forum 2017

Last week the Governor and Deputy Governors from the Bank of England delivered talks in schools across Liverpool to kick off their Future Forum 2017, in partnership with the UK education charity Speakers for Schools.

Joanna Place, Chief Operating Officer at the Bank of England spoke to students at St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School in St Helens about her career and the work of the Bank, discussing the role it plays in the economy and how it impacts all young people. This was followed by a question and answer session allowing students to have a conversation around issues important to them such as the state of the UK’s economy, future jobs and inequality. The assembly talk was followed by a workshop with a class of students featuring the Bank’s new curriculum materials that are designed to teach all students about the economy and the role of the Bank of England in PSHE and Citizenship classes.

Joanna Place speaking to students

Here are some of the comments from students who attended the talk today: “It was really good, I found it really interesting”; “I really liked how Joanna explained the different ways of applying for a job with the Bank of England”; “I didn’t know anything about Economics or the Bank of England and now I do and it’s quite amazing!”; “‘I might look at taking Economics now at College” and “It was great! I enjoyed it and she made it so we could understand it and relate to it“.

Joanna Place with St Cuthberts Senior Team

This was the first set of talks as part of a bigger initiative to reach out and engage more young people in discussions about the economy and their role within it. Alongside the new classroom materials the Bank of England announced plans for 200 school visits in the next year to speak to young people across the UK.

Speakers for Schools is a national education charity with a mission to bring more influential speakers to state schools, free of charge, giving students of all backgrounds be encouraged by the leaders of today and informed about their options for the future. The charity has a network of over 1,000 leading figures ranging from a wide range of fields and industries including speakers such as Sir Roger Carr, Jamal Edwards, Baroness Lane Fox, David Morrissey, and more, organising over 4,000 school talks to date.

Catherine Twist, Headteacher at St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to meet Mrs Place and to hear first-hand not only about the Bank of England and how it operates, but to talk about their future careers and aspirations”.

Joanna Place, Chief Operating Officer at the Bank of England said: “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the students and staff at St Cuthbert’s – it was great to see a packed hall and to talk to them about the Bank of England, the economy and careers. It was also really interesting to chat to the pupils about some of the big decisions they have to make in their lives and how they might consider the options open to them. I hope we’ve left them with a better understanding of some of those issues and the work of the Bank and that they enjoyed the sessions as much as I did.”

Ashley Hodges, Executive Director, Speakers for Schools said: “The Bank of England is a hugely important institution that impacts every person in the UK, so we are delighted to help make it possible for students to hear directly from their leadership about their work and wider role. We are so pleased we have been able to work with the Bank of England to make these conversations possible, and hope it has left students feeling more empowered when it comes to the economy and their future.”

Future Forum is an annual event that aims to bring together a wide range of views in order to discuss the Bank’s role in serving society. This year’s event is in partnership Speakers for Schools, Economy and Re-Thinking Economics to help reach new audiences with their work, particularly focusing on education and helping young people better understand the role of the Bank of England. The new curriculum materials are designed to as a way for school teachers to bring this into the classroom helping teenagers understand the economy and engage students in their work.


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