Rotary Clubs – Santa Sleigh Collections

The annual Santa Sleigh collections by Rotary Clubs across the Borough. The money raised is used to fund many community projects and organisations. The information below was correct that time of publication, 26th November. Be sure to check their websites etc for any amendments since. Links are supplied

Rotary Club of Newton-le-Willows

This year the Rotary Club of Newton-le-Willows will be touring the areas of Newton, Earlestown, Burtonwood, Golborne and Lowton with its Christmas float, Father Christmas and santa’s little helpers all helping to spread festive cheer and collecting for local causes. This year they  have invited local community groups to support them and they will be joined on each evening by members from these groups.

The float schedule covers 12 evenings and they have additional static events where they will be present.

Full schedule is as follows:

Sunday 19th November:  In attendance at the switch on of EARLESTOWN CHRISTMAS LIGHTS,
Market place, Earlestown. 12.00 -6.00pm

Sunday 3rd December:    In attendance at the NEWTON TRADERS CHRISTMAS FAYRE: High
street, Newton. 12.00 – 6.00pm

Monday 4th December:   BRAITHWAITE ROAD, LOWTON supported by Business for Youth and
Earlestown Christmas lights committee.

Tuesday 5th December:    BARN LANE, GOLBORNE supported by Business for Youth and
Earlestown Christmas lights committee.

Wednesday 6th December:   BELVEDERE ROAD supported by Wargrave House School
THUR 7 DEC: SANDERLING (BIRDS ESTATE) supported by Newton and Earlestown Community Group

Saturday 9th December:    MARKS AND SPENCER, GEMINI. static 10.00-4.00pm

Monday 11th December: WARGRAVE supported by by Earlestown Cricket Club

Tuesday 12th December:  EARLESTOWN COMMON ROAD: supported by Business for Youth and
Earlestown Christmas lights committee.

Wednesday 13th December: TREES ESTATE, ACORN STREET: supported by Earlestown Cricket Club

Thursday 14th December: MILL LANE, NEWTON: supported by Earlestown Cricket Club

Friday 15th December:  TESCO, EARLESTOWN static 10.00-4.00pm

Saturday 16th December:  MARKS AND SPENCER, GEMINI, static 10.00-4.00pm

Monday 18th December: ASHTON ROAD, NEWTON HIGH STREET supported by Newton Community

Tuesday 19th December:  VULCAN ESTATE: supported by Wargrave House School

Wednesday 20th December:  BURTONWOOD: supported by Burtonwood Community Centre

Thursday 21st December: VISTA ROAD: supported by Business for Youth and Earlestown
Christmas lights committee.

Friday 22nd December:   TESCO EARLESTOWN static 10.00-4.00pm

The  evening sessions start at 6.30pm and the routes are dependent on weather and local traffic conditions. For more exact timings we can be followed on the Newton-Le-Willows Rotary Club Facebook page. We would like to thank all members of the community and our supporters and look forward to another successful year.

Rotary Club of St Helens

Usually starts around 5.45pm / 6:00pm and lasts a couple of hours depending on weather. For up to the minute info please check the St Helens Rotary Facebook Page.

Haydock and Ashton Rotary Club

Friday 24th Haydock Library 4pm -7pm
Saturday 25th Tesco, Haydock 10am-4pm
Sunday 26th Tesco, Haydock 10am- 4pm

Friday 1st Ashton Market 4pm – 8pm
Tuesday 5th Haydock Lane 6:15pm
Wednesday 6th Central Drive, Haydock 6:15pm
Saturday 9th Morrison’s, Baxter Lane, St. Helens 10am-4pm
Sunday 10th Morrison’s, Baxter Lane, St Helens 10am-4pm
Monday 11th Limewood, Haydock 6:15pm
Tuesday 12th Arrowsmith Road, Haydock 6:15pm
Wednesday 14th Manor Road, Haydock 6:15pm
Saturday 23rd Haydock Park Racecourse 9:30am -4pm

For up to the minute info please check the Ashton and Haydock Rotary Facebook Page.

Rainhill Rotary Club

Friday 1st December from 6.30pm – TRENT ROAD AREA, BILLINGE

Saturday 2nd December from 10.00am until 6.00pm – ASDA, ST HELENS

Sunday 3rd December from 11.00am until 5.00pm – TESCO, ST HELENS

Monday 4th December from 6.30pm – ROYDEN ROAD AREA, BILLINGE

Tuesday 5th December from 6.30pm – SEFTON AREA, BILLINGE

Wednesday 6th December from 6.30pm – BIRCHLEY ROAD AREA, BILLINGE

Thursday 7th December from 6.30pm – FRECKLETON ROAD AREA, TOLL BAR

Friday 8th December from 6.30pm – DEE ROAD ESTATE, RAINHILL

Saturday 9th December from 10.00am until 6.00pm – ASDA, ST HELENS

Sunday 10th December from 10.00am until 4.00pm – MORRISONS, BOUNDARY ROAD, ST HELENS

Monday 11th December from 6.30pm – LOWFIELD LANE/WATERSIDE VILLAGE, ST HELENS

Tuesday 12th December from 6.30pm – OWEN STREET/ROBY STREET AREA, ST HELENS

Wednesday 13th December from 6.30pm – SUTTON HEATH ROAD/ELTONHEAD ROAD, ST HELENS

Thursday 14th December from 6.30pm – SOUTH STREET/ELEPHAT ROAD AREA, THATTO HEATH

Sunday 17th December 10.00am until 4.00pm – ASDA, ST HELENS

Monday 18th December from 6.30pm – FOXWOOD/RESEVOIR STREET AREA, NUTGROVE

Tuesday 19th December from 6.30pm – EASINGTON ROAD AREA, NUTGROVE

Wednesday 20th December from 6.30pm – THE JONES ESTATE, RAINHILL

Thursday 21st December from 6.30pm – BRISCO ESTATE AREA, RAINHILL

Friday 22nd December from 6.30pm – STONECROSS DRIVE/CHAPEL LANE AREA, RAINHILL

Saturday 23rd December from 10.00am until 6.00pm – TESCO ST HELENS

Christmas Eve from 9.30am – 1.00pm – RAINHILL VILLAGE COLLECTION.


For up to the minute info please check the Rainhill Rotary Facebook Page


Prescot Rotary Club

3rd December 5pm-Knowsley Village, Longmeadow Rd & surrounding roads.

4th December 6pm – Prescot-Shaw Lane Area.

5th December 6pm-Rainhill-Arnside Ave & Sandhurst Rd Area.

7th December 6pm-Rainhill Ivy Farm Rd, Stapleton Close and Ratcliffe Place Area.

10th December 4pm-8pm Prescot & Eccleston Park St James Rd, Alder Rd, Portico Lane & Forest Grove areas.

11th December 6pm – Whiston Windy Arbor Rd, St.Nicholas Rd areas.

12th December Whiston & Prescot 6pm- Sandstone Drive, Watling Way, Honeybourne Drive, Sinclair Ave areas

14th December Whiston 6pm-The Crescent & Cedar Rd areas.

15th December 10am-8pm-Asda Huyton

20th December 2pm-8pm- Tesco Prescot

21st December 2pm-8pm- Tesco Prescot.

22nd December 10am-6pm- Tesco Prescot.

23rd December 9am-1pm Eccleston St Prescot.


For up to the minute info please check the Prescot Rotary Club Facebook Page

What’s On Across St Helens

For all the latest events, check out the Whats On St Helens Event Page



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