Christmas Eve Food Donation From Aldi Stores

The Aldi Corporate Responsibility Department are delighted to offer an opportunity to receive surplus food from your local Aldi store to support you over the busy festive period.

As the stores will shut at 4pm on Christmas Eve until the 27th of December, they will have a variety of good quality surplus food products that they wish to redistribute in support of less fortunate individuals and to prevent food going to waste.

They will have the following food product types available to collect on Christmas Eve, subject to store sell-through and stock levels:

Fresh fruit and vegetables
Fresh meat
Fresh fish
Bread and bakery products
Other chilled products (e.g. dairy, desserts, ready meals etc.)

It is important to note that these products will have a relatively short best before / expiry life left at this stage, however all products will have at least one day remaining.

They are unfortunately unable to deliver products on a locally, so it would be essential that your organisation is able to collect. They will expect the levels of food available to vary, however estimations of around 20-30 crates will be expected from each store.

If you wish to collect all products available, they recommend providing a large car or van, or being prepared to make multiple journeys. However you are more than welcome to take as much of the products offered as you can use – you are not required to take all products. They ask that you bring appropriate collection containers (bags, crates, boxes, etc.) as they will only have a limited number of cardboard boxes potentially available for use.

As noted above, they are asking groups to collect from stores on Christmas Eve only at between 4:30 – 5:30pm after the store has closed. Unfortunately they cannot accommodate collections outside this time.

If you are interested interested in taking up this offer, please contact them by Friday 8th December so that they can brief the stores and ask them to make contact with you to make arrangements.


To find out more, please contact Energy and Environment Team, ALDI Stores Ltd, at Tel: +44 (1827) 711-800 or email


  1. Hi there I’m currently volunteering on a group on Facebook. The group is called ‘ don’t bin your second hand things simply donate ‘ we aim to help families in time of hardship this would be a fantastic opportunity for us to provide families with food for over the Christmas period. Please consider us an I will make arrangements to collect the food. Thanks.

    • Hi Tanya, That’s wonderful. You’ll need to email or call Aldi. You’ll find the info in the article.


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