Digital Day Delight For Students

GCSE film and media studies students at the St Helens College 14 to 16 Academy brought innovation to the classroom as part of their Digital Day recently.

This national initiative sees digital professionals head back to school for a day to inspire students, give them an insight into the depth of careers available, offer practical advice on how to forge a career in the digital industry and obtain hands-on experience by tackling challenges.

This included using technology in different ways, including wearable technology in Fashion of the Future, designs for schools of tomorrow and developing social pet ownership through LV insurance.

Year 10 film studies student Becky Carmichael said: “We were really excited to have a whole day when we could be inventors of some brilliant ways to use our smartphones and apps and the internet that we might even see being used by real companies one day.”

Kirk-Newton Henry, film and media lecturer, added: “The variety of challenges they were faced with spoke to the heart of their social media worlds and allowed them to recognise the connection between their everyday use of games, apps, Facebook or Twitter and their potential for education and consumerism.”


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