New Book Of Poetry From Lynn Gerrard To Be Published This Month

Local poet and author Lynn Gerrard is publishing her third book of poetry, Whisperings and Wonderings, this month.


Lynn said “As with the first book in my poetry series, Darkness & Decadence, and my second book, Musings & Mischief, my third book, Whisperings & Wonderings, contains a selection of poems portraying various moods.”

“Poems ranging from the poignant to the outright disturbing, I’m pleased to say. Additionally, a little tongue-in-cheek humour resides alongside such poems most resulting from a few social observations as well as my own bitter experiences.”

“Also, as with my second book, I have included a couple of flash fiction pieces which I hope will prompt the reader to seek out my first novel once my muse allows me to continue with its progress. ‘Tis a tale of graveyard and of grave and of the residents therein…but that’s enough of that for now.”

“The fourth book in my poetry series, which is currently draped alongside other ‘works in progress’, remains untitled but I can assure you that, come the time, alliteration will most certainly be involved.”

The book will be available in Wardleworth’s Bookshop on Westfield Street from Friday 8th December.

Signed copies can be ordered via Lynn’s website

The book can be ordered on Amazon

Twitter @LynnGerrard

Amazon links for previously published books

Book 1 – Darkness & Decadence:

Lynn Gerrard presents her first collection of poems, Darkness and Decadence – the Grumblings of a Gargoyle. Taking you on a trip through the dark and the humorous sides of reality and fantasy alike, this book makes an excellent read for poetry and dark humour fans. Inspiring, unique, and insightful – Lynn Gerrard perfectly captures the darkness that lurks in our society and peppers it with humour along the way. The gargoyle has grumbled and it is definitely well worth listening to what it has to say!






Book 2 – Musings & Mischief:

Musings and Mischief is Lynn’s second book in her poetry series for Wallace Publishing. Whilst continuing to work with verse, Lynn is also busy writing her first novel. Inspired by Lynn’s passion for cemeteries and the delightful residents thereof, this will be a tale of horror, heartache, hilarity, and hopefully a dead good read! Lynn has also just written a play based on her experiences with the stigma associated with mental health. It is in the early stages of production, with a view to it being performed in the near future.










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