The Toffee Tip

The Toffee Tip is a semi-autobiographical childhood adventure-comedy, written and directed by Johnny Vegas.

Money is tighter than ever in the Pennington household and nobody is feeling the pinch more than Johnny. His favourite Dandelion and Burdock has been replaced with Council Pop (water). He’s been reduced to window shopping at their local corner shop and his Mum has taken up knitting again.

All seems desperate until Johnny’s friend Ian is short changed on a bag of crisps and the shop’s proprietor reveals the existence of the toffee tip – a local dumping ground for all shop spoiled confectionary.

The boys plan a daring expedition way beyond the confines of Hayes Street in search of its discarded sugary delights.

Baffling bus routes, a traveller’s camp and a lost tin opener threaten to thwart them at every turn and test their solidarity to breaking point.

This coming of age tale reminds us of the magical hinterland of being still young enough to believe the impossible, but just old enough to be aware of the harsh realities of what might actually lie ahead.

Other parts played by Johnny Vegas, Peter Slater, Tigga Goulding and James Brown

Producer: Sally Harrison
Writer and Director: Johnny Vegas

A Woolyback production for BBC Radio 4, 2.15pm on Thursday 14th December 2017. Link


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