State Of The Art Scanners Installed At Hospitals

Patients at St Helens and Whiston hospitals are to benefit from new state of the art scanners that will not only make investigations quicker and more accurate, but will also make the experience more enjoyable.

Both hospitals have been fitted with the latest technology that halves the time patients need to spend in the scanning machine. With the ability to choose their preferred style of music and mood lighting, patients are helped to relax which means clearer images for doctors to diagnose.

The science is that the new GE scanners have a stronger magnet that is double the strength of any MR scanners previously available, and patients at the hospitals will be amongst the first in the country to benefit from this new technology.



Quicker scans mean more patients being seen each day, which means shorter waiting times for those requiring investigations. The scanners also produce highly detailed images that allow doctors to see images of bones and soft tissue like never before. This ensures treatment can be accurately tailored to the illness or injury that’s been discovered.

Another bonus for patients is the coloured mood lighting within the MR scanning room and the ability to listen to music inside of the scanner thanks to Spotify.

Gill Holroyd, Radiology Manager, said: “Having an MR scan can be very frightening for people, especially those who are very sick, confused and in pain. Research has shown that mood lighting is known to help with anxiety. The music is also a massive benefit, so whether a Take That or Dolly Parton fan, our staff can tune the scanning machine to play the patient’s favourite tunes. All of this encourages patients to relax during the scan, which not only ensures that accurate images are captured but hopefully makes the experience far more enjoyable.”


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