Have We Got Business News For You – Volume 2

On our travels we come across interesting articles and advice that we feel might be of interest to business owners.

From inboxing to thought showers: how business bullshit took over

Tired of thought leaders trying to action their next digital strat piece? Us too. Here’s one of our favourite reads.

Seven trends that dominated social this year

Influencer marketing, a focus on Gen Z and personalized consumer interactions dominated social media this year. Chatbots, digital hangouts, buying opportunities and content legitimacy to weed out low-quality or fake news were also among 2017’s top trends.

How to earn authentic positive reviews

Fake reviews can do long-lasting damage to a brand and Pratik Dholakiya discusses an ethical approach to earning real reviews. In addition to making it easy for customers to leave a review, brands should be targeting any industry-specific review websites, using social channels for customer support and ensuring that they ask the right questions.

3 Quick Ways to Use Video in Social Media Marketing


Ten ways to cope with a demanding workload

Top tips to keep you on track when things get crazy busy – from better inbox management to boosting productivity.

A modern day guide to email

There’s still a long way to go before the email is consigned to the spam folder of history.

2017 is record year for small businesses

There are now 5.7 million small firms in the UK but new research finds that Brits underestimate the contribution SMEs make.

The Most Effective Tactics for Driving Social Media Traffic to Your eCommerce Store


Ten quick ways to improve your website right now

From technical tweaks to content ideas – great tips from Tim Butler that will boost the performance of your website.

Is Pay to Play the Future of Social Media?


3 Strategies to Make Your Facebook Custom Audiences 3X More Effective


Want to retarget ads to people who engage with your events on Facebook?

Discover three ways to target audiences using Facebook event engagement custom audiences.

Facebook unveils a host of changes for video ads

Facebook has confirmed that it will start testing a pre-roll six-second ads platform for Watch. The company also announced that videos on the platform featuring mid-roll ads now need to last at least three minutes, and it’s also updating its News Feed and Watch algorithms to prioritize videos from creators and publishers that users regularly search for and watch.

Pitch perfect: the experts’ guide to selling an idea


A colourful window display is for everyday not just for Christmas


How to Create a Social Media Calendar: A Template for Marketers

Do you want a better way to plan, organize, and publish your social media content Looking for a solution that doesn’t cost a lot of money? Find out how to set up a social media content calendar using Google docs.

Is the future of retail bright?

The retail industry has had its challenges in recent years, as Amazon continues its world domination.

Love being an entrepreneur

Why do you love your small business? This free guide is full of tips and inspiration for entrepreneurs.

‘The best business advice I’ve ever received’

15 tips to inspire you


Struggling to get an invoice paid by a big business?

You can now complain to the small business commissioner

Small business owners share the most important lessons they’ve learned


Taking the stress out of taking a break

Having a holiday from your business is a chance to recharge your batteries and get some perspective.

Best business advice of the year

We asked 12 entrepreneurs to share the secrets of their success – here’s what they told us.

Do you spend too much on train tickets?

Train fares needn’t send you off the rails. Manage your travel spend with Trainline’s free tool for business – book in advance, and you could save a fortune on fares.

11 Social Media Apps You Should Be Using in 2018


7 Metrics to Audit Your YouTube Channel

Do you know if you’re reaching your goals on YouTube? Wondering how to analyze the effectiveness of your content and strategy? Discover seven metrics to watch when assessing the performance of your YouTube channel.

8 Productivity Apps for Social Media Marketers



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