Two Rainhill Neighbours Take Home £30,000 From The People’s Postcode Lottery

Jane and Alan celebrate their win with Street Prize Presenter Judie McCourt

Just before Christmas, two lucky players in Rainhill are sharing the thrill of winning £30,000 each in Saturday’s Street Prize.

The Greenough Avenue winners, who play with the postcode L35 4QA, were delighted with their win.

Winner Jane turned 50 just days before she found out, and says it is an amazing birthday gift.

She said, “I jokingly said to my partner Dave that it would be great to win the lottery on my birthday and he said why not dream big? The next day, I got a call from People’s Postcode Lottery telling me I’d won a prize. I’m still in shock.

“I’m planning to do some renovations in the house which will include knocking down a wall to make a bigger kitchen. I’m also going to Venice next year, so I’ll have some extra spending money.”

Saturday’s other winner, taxi driver Alan, also won £30,000. He is planning a Scottish Highlands adventure with his prize money.

He said, “I really like Scotland, but I’ve never been as far up as Inverness. So next year I’m going to book a cottage holiday in the Highlands.

“As I’m self-employed, winning this amount of money just takes the pressure off and gives me that peace of mind when the bills come in.”

Street Prize Presenter Judie McCourt congratulated Jane and Alan. She said, “Christmas has definitely come early for the both of them. I was thrilled to deliver such a fantastic prize just before Christmas. If we come to your street, make sure you’re playing and one of these amazing cheques could be yours!”

Photo – Jane and Alan celebrate their win with Street Prize Presenter Judie McCourt


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