New Years Eve

A poem by Yvonne Mattocks

New Years Eve

So here we are on the
cusp of another year,
a date in the calendar 
as January draws near.
Have lessons been learnt,
were intentions fulfilled.
Did you start all those projects,
or were you still left unskilled.
Were a few scribbled lines
where your destiny lay.
Did you complete the
challenge of every day
that you’d set yourself
as the new year began.
Did you just stroll
when you should have ran?
And that weight that you’ve carried,
for many a mile,
did you manage to lose it,
or consign it to file.
Have lessons been learnt
as you go on your way.
Did you find that good job,
the one with more pay.
And ask yourself this
as the clock chimes tonight –
will this New Year be better,
will it all be alright.
And please do remember
resolutions are fine,
but keep yourself balanced
for there is a fine line
between seeking perfection
in all that you do.
So just try to be happy,
I wish that for you…


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