#StHelensHour – An Announcement

Our Twitter Networking Hour #StHelensHour, took a break over Xmas and New Year and will return on Monday 8th January 2018. However, after quite a bit of thought we have decided that it will cease in Spring of 2018.

Mike Ashworth, Director of St Helens Unlimited, explained further, “The Twitter hour really came to life in 2014, and in fact helped sow the seed that would eventually see me set up St Helens Unlimited as a fully fledged Social Enterprise / Community Business. It aims to shine a a light on all the great things going on across the Borough of St Helens and bringing life to new projects and ideas across the Borough.”

“To enable me to focus on my Community Business, and it’s community aims and objectives, I am going to have to devote more time and attention to it. The time that I would have directed towards #StHelensHour each month will now be invested in creating a sustainble Business.”

“I always think that if you are going to bring an end to something then the best time to do that is when it’s doing really well, at the top, rather than waiting for any potential downward spiral and then calling it a day. The Twitter Hour will end knowing that it has benefitted many people, businesses and organisations across the Borough.”

“From today I shall no longer be online on a Monday evening, monitoring and retweeting tweets. However I shall ensure that #StHelensHour is promoted and advertised as being “open for business” and for people to join in.  I shall also ensure that the roundup of all the activity that takes place during #StHelensHour is still compiled and published the next day.”

“Both the promotion and roundup will continue until I have set a firm date for decommission.”

“Even without the retweets from the St Helens Hour Twitter account, the Twitter Networking Hour is still effective as It’s a highly concentrated hour of people sharing great things going on across the Borough.”

“Please ensure you check out what people are posting during #sthelenshour by using the search function on Twitter. Just type #sthelenshour into the search box and you’ll see everything thats going on between 8pm and 9pm on a Monday evening”



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