Young People – Have Your Say About Policing

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy is committed to listening to the views and concerns of all the public on Merseyside, including young people.

In order to make decisions based on what young people want from the criminal justice system, she has created a Youth Advisory Group (YAG) made up of a diverse mix of young people from a variety of backgrounds from across the County.

The YAG meets every three months and a broad range of subjects are discussed. These may range from how the criminal justice system deals with victims of domestic abuse, to looking at policing legislation such as stop and search and how young people are dealt with in custody.

All members receive training to help them in their role, including looking at safeguarding issues, equality and diversity and any relevant policing and community safety issues.

Jane said: “It is very impressive to the enthusiasm and motivation of these young people. They are full of ideas and creativity and it is exciting to hear their views and work with them to shape how the Force and my office engage with young people on Merseyside in the future.”

If you would like any more information about how it works, please contact them via or call 0151 777 5155.



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