Awards Aim To Shine A Light On Merseyside’s Green Champions

The Echo Environment awards have been launched this week – giving everyone working hard to protect our piece of the planet here on Merseyside a chance to gain the recognition they deserve.

Entries for the top honours are being welcomed until 2nd February 2018 – and it is free to nominate yourself, your company, group or other worthy individuals.

The awards, sponsored by Merseyrail and now in their sixth year, will culminate in a special ceremony and dinner at the Isla Gladstone Pavilion in Stanley Park in April.

There are a range of eleven business or community categories – all aimed at ensuring the best people and practices are rewarded for making our communities in the Liverpool city region greener and cleaner.

Environmental issues and the need for us all to recycle more and reduce our carbon footprint have been at the forefront for many years now. But major threats remain, particularly among climate change deniers.

Only last month renowned environmentalist Sir David Attenborough expressed his horror and dismay at plans to tear up areas of the seabed to unleash mineral deposits.

Sir David’s Blue Planet 2 series was the most watched UK TV programme of last year – indicating that more and more people are increasingly concerned about the threats to our seas and shores.

He highlighted the threat of plastics – an issue which resonates with the Wirral beach clean up group The New Brighteners, who won the Neighbourhood Improvement Project Award at the ECHO event in 2016.

ECHO Editor in Chief Alastair Machray said: “We cannot afford people to think, for the briefest of moments, that all is in hand. It isn’t.”

“It is up to all of us to continue to make as much noise as possible to keep this crucial issue at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness and conscience.”

“That’s where we at the ECHO feel we have a huge part to play.”

“We are the number one news medium on Merseyside. In print, online, on mobile, our audience is growing by the day.”

“So this message will get louder and louder and these awards will continue to become more and more significant.”

“Our awards once again will be a celebration of true excellence, and recognise the successes of business, community groups, schools and individuals in the area striving to make Merseyside a healthier and greener place to live and work.”

How to Enter

It’s free to enter. Just download an entry form from the website , select a category (or more than one if it applies). Then complete and return it by email before midnight on Friday February 2 to

You can also post an entry to Echo Environment Awards, Events Department, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L69 3EB

For help or more information please call the Echo events team on: 0151 472 2570

Twitter: @EchoEnvironment

The 2018 Award Categories


New Environmental Enterprise of the Year

Have you spotted a gap in the market and started up an environmental enterprise? This award acknowledges new organisations established for less than two years, who are able to demonstrate success.

Environmental Business of the Year Award sponsored by Merseyrail

Do you have a great business that has been established for more than two years? Whatever your trade, if you can demonstrate your green credentials with evidence of excellent business strategy and a good financial performance, this is the award for you.

Innovation & Technology Award sponsored by Liverpool John Moores University

Has your organisation developed energy efficient technologies or services, or adapted existing technology in a novel way, having a beneficial impact on the environment? Then enter this award.

Carbon Champion of the Year

This award recognises businesses who reduce energy and emissions by adapting the way they operate, lowering their carbon footprint.

Corporate Responsibility Award

This award recognises organisations that can demonstrate how they operate responsibly towards the environment, the community, its employees and its stakeholders. Your CSR efforts will exceed the legal obligations and prove inspirational to other businesses.

The Re-use and Waste Prevention Award sponsored by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority and Veolia

This award is for those companies and organisations who embrace re-use and waste prevention. By avoiding or reducing the creation of waste, and being innovative in their re-use of materials and repair of items, they are demonstrating efficient use of natural resources in all of their processes. By bringing waste back into economic use, these organisations will show their commitment to sustainability and the emerging circular economy.


Environmental and Health Project Award

This award recognises projects that take notice of the environment and use it to improve the health and wellbeing of the people in our community. Perhaps your project has encouraged healthy eating, used the environment to promote exercise, or made use of food waste? Tell us about your health project and receive recognition for your hard work.

Neighbourhood Improvement Project Award

Have you improved your surroundings? This award recognises the year’s best neighbourhood improvement project. The project may have enhanced a green space or the built environment to make your neighbourhood a safer and healthier place to live. You should be able to demonstrate that you have won community support, involved local people and changed people’s perceptions.

Sustainable Schools Award

Is your school taking an active and committed approach to putting the principles of sustainable development into practice? Maybe the kids are doing it for themselves? Perhaps they have been running a grow-your-own scheme or have created a space for wildlife. You can include physical environmental improvements or projects where you can demonstrate the children have been motivated to become environmentally active.

Community Project of the Year

This award is for the best community project of the year: one that has won the hearts and minds of the local people. The project should be creative and sustainable. It may have empowered people and enabled them to make something positive happen for their community.

Environmental Champion Award

Do you know an individual who deserves public recognition for their environmental work? They may be an unsung community hero or a business person, of any age. Whatever the background, the winner will be a true inspiration to others and will be rewarded for their achievements.


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