Facts, Fake News And Emotive Statistics

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Tim Harford, presenter of the BBC’s More or Less, presents a special episode of the This is Money podcast

Facts are either right or wrong, right? …wrong?

In this special episode of the This is Money podcast Tim Harford, presenter of the BBC series More or Less and all-round Undercover Economist makes a second guest appearance. We talk about facts and stats – checking them, debunking them, reporting them, baffling with them, battling over them.

Tim argues that we think of facts as being either correct or lies, but that actually factual claims can form part of our identity.

We talk about the importance of factual claims made by those in positions of power – but also of trying to keep some facts out of the political domain altogether.

We also discuss the impact of social media on the way in which we consume news and facts. And whether we’re too dependent on numbers altogether.

Don’t believe it? You’ll have to listen and see.


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