White Rhino Nomvula Celebrates Second Birthday At Knowsley Safari

Endangered white rhino calf, Nomvula, has been busy celebrating her second birthday at Knowsley Safari.

Born on 2nd January 2016, Nomvula has spent the past two years exploring the 100-acre habitat and bonding with her fellow crash of rhinos, as well as keepers at Knowsley Safari.

White rhino are the second largest mammal in the world. Unfortunately, they face a huge threat due to habitat loss and at risk of poachers in the wild for their horns. There are now urgent efforts to stop poaching and end the illegal trade.

The southern white rhino was once on the brink of extinction, but with the help of conservation communities there are now around 20,000 (savetherhino.org) remaining in the wild. Knowsley Safari has one of the most successful breeding groups of white rhino in Europe, which helps to support vital conservation work.

Learn more about Knowsley Safari’s animals and conservation work at https://www.knowsleysafariexperience.co.uk/


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