Why Reporting Incidents To The Police Is Important

I posted this on Facebook recently and it received a lot of interest so I thought I’d put it here on the website too…….

If you dont report crime taking place, the police will have no idea it is occurring. They do not have a dedicated unit who spend all day monitoring Facebook groups for signs of criminal activity.

Reporting a crime means that its then in their system. the lower level, Anti-Social Behaviour type stuff is very important when it comes to reporting. It gives them info on what’s happening and where. They can then assign resources as necessary.

If, at some point in the future a senior police officer says “can you run me off a report of what’s going on across St Helens”, it’ll show the true state of what is happening.

If people dont report what’s going on, the data they have will be inaccurate, which “might” lead to the following.

1. Everyone gets a slap on the back for reducing crime when in fact everyone the opposite might be true.
2. Next time budgets come under the microscope, they will be asked to justify why then need more money etc. If they show a report with reducing crime figures they wont get anything extra, in fact they  might get further cuts to money and police, as you dont need as many people to fight crime if (according to reports) it’s is continually falling.

It’s not “grassing people up” to report what is going on around you. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it’s your civic duty to do so. It’s YOUR community.

999 OR 101

Read this article to find out whether you should call 999 or 101.

Contact Your Councillor’s and MP

You may also wish to report what is going on that concerns you to your local Councillors and MP.

A list of councillors can be found here http://moderngov.sthelens.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1


Marie Rimmer. St Helens South and Whiston.  https://www.parliament.uk/biographies/commons/ms-marie-rimmer/4457

Conor McGinn. St Helens North.  http://www.parliament.uk/biographies/commons/conor-mcginn/4458

If you are not sure which MP represents you head to the Write To Them website and enter your postcode.

Local Policing Team Surgery Dates

Local meetngs take place where you can go and talk with Police about what concerns you. The list is here and the meetings cover Sutton, Eccleston, West Park, Bold and Parr.

Keep In Touch

You can follow your local Policing Team on Facebook and Twitter

St Helens South https://twitter.com/MerPolStHelensS
St Helens North https://twitter.com/MerPolStHelensN
St Helens Central https://twitter.com/MerPolStHelensC

Website https://www.merseyside.police.uk/local-policing/st-helens/




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