Cory Environmental Trust Community Grants – Deadline 6th April 2018

The next deadline to apply for a Cory Environmental Trust in Britain (CETB) Community Grant is the 6th April 2018.

Cory Environmental Trust in Britain (CETB) was established in 2003 as an Environmental Body, under the terms of the Landfill Tax Regulations 1996. Grants of usually up to £50,000 are available to not-for-profit organisations to carry out a broad range of community; environmental and biodiversity projects. These have included:

A grant of £11,368 to Groundwork North Wales to improve areas of neglected grassland, create wildlife habitats and open the sites so that the local community could enjoy the natural environment.

A grant of £35,000 for the refurbishment of Tormarton Playground in South Gloucestershire.

For projects relating to religious buildings, Trustees will be looking for evidence of strong community use. The focus of CETB’s activity to date has been in the vicinity of Cory Environmental landfill sites and waste management operations in Dudley, Gwynedd, Wrexham, Bristol, Sevenoaks, St Helens, Southend-on-Sea, LB Bexley and Swansea.

The maximum grant is generally awarded by CETB is around £50,000 and the Trust requires 10% independent 3rd party funding.


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