Photographers Required For St Helens 150 Project

Local photographer Liam Bluck has an idea for a project or two this year that tie in to the 150th celebrations of St Helens.

Liam told us more “This is just a bit of a query at the moment, but I am looking for photographers to take part in something for the anniversary of the town this year.”

“It doesn’t matter what genre you shoot or are interested in as the main aim is to document your thoughts about the town into mini projects.”

“This will also have another aim in the way of sharing your knowledge and expertise about your field of work or if your only just starting out and are interested to learn etc.”

“It doesn’t matter what kit you have, even if it’s just your smartphone, the main thing is is that you want to create an impression of how you see St Helens in its 150th year.”

If this might interest you contact Liam at


  1. Hi my wife and I would love to be involved
    In the project . We have our own kit and our keen amateurs, we run posey paws on Facebook if you want to see our work . But our passion is people , and places . I’m a St. Helens lad born and bread (Cowley hill hospital) and my wife is first generation Irish who is a self proclaimed Lover of this town , we would love a project each if that it possible .

    • That sounds fab, I’m going to try and organise a meet up next week, I’ll give plenty of notice and for those that won’t be able to make it, I’ll update you all. I’m hoping this could be huge project, not just for publicising the talent in St helens, but for the towns artistic community.

  2. Hi all I have had to change Tuesdays meeting to Wednesday, 11am at momos cafe on Cotham Street. Unforseen car trouble so had to book it in Tuesday, so that it can be sorted for the half term. Sorry for any inconvenience and hope some of you can make it. Many thanks liam.


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