Funding Secured To Improve Borough’s Walking And Cycling Infrastructure

The STEP funding will help improve connectivity across the town centre and open up access to new developments.

St Helens Council has secured over £4m of funding to improve walking and cycling infrastructure in the Borough over the next four years.

The funding, known as the Sustainable Transport Enhancements Package (STEP) aims to:

  • Support economic growth in the region, particularly around the STEP Growth Sites, to further the objectives of the Growth Plan
  • Build on the ongoing sustainable transport initiatives in the Liverpool City Region to further expand the region’s multi-modal transport network;
  • Complement the ongoing Major Transport Schemes programme by providing smaller scale sustainable transport investments;
  • Remove travel barriers for local residents, helping to address socio-economic issues in the Region; and improve transport provision to capitalise on growth in sectors of the economy where the LCR has a competitive advantage, particularly the low carbon and visitor economy sectors.

Work in St Helens will focus on the areas of Haydock Industrial Estate, the east of the borough and the A58, where work on the creation of new cycle paths is currently taking place in Parr Street and Atlas Street to link this area up to the town centre.

Several trees have had to be removed in order to facilitate a cycle path along Parr Street, however new ones will be planted in their place once the path is complete.

The Parr Street scheme will see improvements at key locations, reducing potential conflict between active travel users and motorised vehicle users. It will complete and provide clarity from the end of existing cycle facilities in and out of the town centre, promoting alternative to motor vehicles.

St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member for Growth, Councillor John Fulham said: “These investments will improve connectivity across the town centre and open up access to new developments, benefitting residents and the economy.”

“It’s this council’s ambition to promote growth, healthy lifestyles, and bring more jobs into the borough. With more people taking up cycling it’s important they can commute safely into work and into our town centres, reducing traffic and supporting local retail and leisure.”


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