Opinion – Central Library

Last week the Star wrote about the potential move of the Library to The World Of Glass Museum, Arts and Visitor Centre…. At the time we thought this might be a great move, however our opinion on this has shifted over the week.

St Helens Unlimited Director, Mike Ashworth is a huge fan of both the Library Service and The World of Glass Museum, Arts and Visitor Centre, often using the latter for meetings and our “Sccess surgeries” in addition to checking out the wonderful art galleries and canalside cafe.

He explains why he now thinks differently, “Central library was always way more than a room with books in. There was also the room with all the computers in for music and graphic design, the other room for the children’s books and read and rhyme activities, all the desks and computers out in the main library space etc. basically a LOT of stuff!”

“I popped along to The World Of Glass recently to check out the new art and history exhibitions. Looking around the place I am struggling to see how it could all be accommodated in the building without losing things in there that really make the place what it is.”

“If it’s to be the new arts and cultural centre, as has been outlined in recent reports (and as the photos show), you cant lose the art galleries, the children’s play area, the canalside cafe, gift shop, the meeting and conference spaces, one of the UK’s best glass-blowing studios, which attracts people from across the Country. All these things are vitally important to us all.” #MoreThanAMuseum”

“In the article in the Star, it mentions St Mary’s Market as one alternative that was being considered. Perhaps this is the better option? There are two large event spaces in their that could be utilised, or more space if necessary, as let’s be honest it really doesn’t seem to work well as a thriving market.”

“Or perhaps there is another alternative. Why not utilise The World of Glass AND St Mary’s Market for Arts and Cultural activities? That area of the town centre is to be used for just that as part of the transformation. So why not make the most of both buildings. And the space between could be used for recreation, events etc, heck you could even build an open air theatre if you wanted to.”

Just our thoughts on the matter of course, what do you think?


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