Have We Got Business News For You – Volume 7

On our travels we come across interesting articles and advice that we feel might be of interest to small business owners.

YouTube Ranking: How to Get More Views on YouTube
Want your videos to show up in search results? Wondering how YouTube’s algorithm evaluates content? Discover what YouTube considers when ranking content, and learn about cluster strategy.

What Carillion tells us about business risk
This week marked another sad chapter in small businesses’ struggle with supplying big corporates.

How are teens using Instagram differently than marketers and why is it working for them?

The Decline of Organic Facebook Reach & How to Outsmart the Algorithm

If you aren’t sure how to use Snapchat, this will help.

Looking to set up a blog? Here are some great tips for starting a WordPress blog in 2018

Boost Britain’s small businesses to avoid another Carillion

It’s easy to criticise the UK apprenticeship levy – but we need to give it a chance

The problem with courting Amazon

5 Eye-Catching Ways to Make Your Business Plan Stand Out from the Crowd
It’s a scary thought to think that you have to write a business plan for your business. Where do you begin, what do you write about, how do you do it? Don’t worry yourself out of writing your plan altogether! The first rule is to ensure that you have a plan. Confused? Don’t be. Read on and figure out the wining outline for putting together a Convincing Business Plan that will stand out from the rest!

Facebook Zero: The Changing News Feed and What Marketers Need to Know
Are you concerned about the impact of Facebook’s recent announcement on changes to the news feed? Find out what to expect from the changes and learn how you can best maintain interaction and visibility with audiences on the Facebook news feed.

How to Use Facebook Analytics for Your Website
Discover how to install and use this analytics tool to reveal data about the Facebook users who visit your website.

How to Easily Create Marketing Videos From Images
Wondering how to make video without being in front of the camera? Have you thought about using product and brand images you already have? Explore two affordable ways to create engaging videos for your business by repurposing visual assets you have on hand.

Five ways to keep your tax bills low

Support For Small Businesses Affected By Carillion Collapse


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