Have We Got Business News And Advice For You – Volume 8

On our travels we come across interesting articles and advice that we feel might be of interest to small business owners.

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Running effective Google AdWords campaigns for local business.

free video training


Stock photo sites

The quick and easy way to find high quality images to use with your brand.

How to Use Live Video to Generate Leads and Sell

Wondering how live video can help you make money? Discover six ways to develop leads and boost sales using live video.

Storytelling With Video: The Journey

Want to use video to help more people know, like, and trust you? Wondering how to create episodic video content that keeps people watching? To explore how and why we produce a weekly video documentary, I pull back the curtain on our show, The Journey. You’ll discover how sharing the struggles of entrepreneurship has helped my team and business, and find tips for creating your own show.

More small firms handed right to complain about their bank


Meet the entrepreneurs resurrecting long-lost local products in regions round the country, from denim manufacturing in Cardigan to soap making in Portsmouth


3 Simple Ways to Network Better on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a solid reputation as the jobseeker’s social platform of choice; while it’s certainly possible to look for jobs and develop connections on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn remains the most powerful online channel for expanding your professional network.

5 Facebook Advertising Tips to Help You Maximize Your Budget in 2018


How to Use Facebook Lead Ads for More Prospects

Need more qualified prospects? Learn how to use these lead generation advertisements to collect and download email and mailing contact details from FB users.

How to Drive Traffic With Your Facebook Cover Photo

Want to drive traffic to your website without using FB ads? Discover how to use your cover image to generate clicks that convert into leads.

Facebook Ads – 55 Custom Audiences you can start targeting…


Take your small business into the big time

Leading consultants and entrepreneurs reveal what it takes to transform a small firm into a much bigger venture.

How to get journalists to write about your business

PR expert Camilla Holroyd explains how to build relationships with journalists and get good media coverage.

Is the high street finally dead?

Ecommerce will account for 40% of UK retail sales by 2030 but there’s life in the high street yet says Jonnie Matthew.


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