Steve Prescott Bridge To Go Yellow For Helen This Friday – 30 Years On Since Her Death

Helen (end left), Marie (centre) and Helen's brother, Michael, at a family wedding.

Following a request from the family of the late Helen McCourt, the Steve Prescott Bridge will be lit up in her memory later this week, 30 years on since her death.

As a way of the borough showing solidarity with her family as they continue to fight for the introduction of Helen’s Law – and to remember Helen – St Helens Council has arranged for the Steve Prescott Bridge to be lit yellow on the evening of Friday 9 February, 30 years to the day since she was murdered after being reported as missing from her Billinge home.

The Steve Prescott Bridge will be lit yellow in remembrance of Helen McCourt this Friday, 30 years on since her death.

Her convicted killer has never revealed the location of her body.

Paying tribute to her daughter, Marie McCourt said: “The 30th anniversary of Helen’s death is obviously going to be a hard day for us, but to have the Steve Prescott Bridge lit up yellow will act as somewhat of a comfort knowing that we will be in the thoughts of the people of the borough.

“As a parent, it’s haunting that I will never be able to properly grieve the loss of my daughter, but I will continue to push for Helen’s Law to be instated so that no other family has to go through the trauma that I have.”


Main photo – Helen (end left), Marie (centre) and Helen’s brother, Michael, at a family wedding.


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