Eat, Shop, Save – Families Required for ITV Show

In today’s busy and complicated world, many parents are struggling to fit their ‘to do’ lists
into the day, jumping between the home, work and the kids and are chasing their tails in a
race they don’t remember entering.

This year’s Modern Families Index showed that many of the nation’s parents are
complaining of burnout. Juggling long hours at work to pay the bills as well as toiling on the
home front, means a third of people feel they are chasing their tails in a race they don’t
remember entering. The result: many couples spend less than 30 minutes of quality time
together each day; relationships between mums, dads and kids are suffering; diets aren’t
great and they’re often spending more than they need to.

Step forwards the Eat Shop Save team – Presenter Ranvir Singh, chef Dale Pinnock,
personal trainer Tom Pitfield and finance guru Gemma Godfrey.

Dale will help the family compile a food diary, assess the current situation and help plan a
new way of shopping, cooking and eating. Whatever the challenge is, armed with the weekly
budget Dale takes them to the shops to show how they can get the best food at the best
prices – and make their money go further.

While Dale is helping plan the menus and getting family members to cook up some great
grub, Gemma is looking at how they organize their lives and finances. One of the big areas
is managing debt. As well as drawing up plans to shop better, Gemma is giving lots of
practical advice on spending shortcuts – all designed to save time and money.

As well as this, Tom is on hand to try and get the families to find more time for fitness. Who
has the money for a gym membership, let alone the time to actually go to one? Tom, who
has a young family himself, knows all the tricks to getting fit, without the time and money
most people think you need!

Ranvir, meanwhile, has been getting to know them all, reviewing what’s important in their
lives and what they could be doing together with the extra cash and time they’re
‘discovering’. For some it’s as simple as making the effort to eat together and going on an
affordable family day out. For mum and dad it might be going out on a ‘date’ for the first time
in months.

The FAB team of experts are ready to help a second round of families for Eat, Shop, Save series 2 on ITV

If you need help with food, finances and fitness, get in touch with them today via


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