Have We Got Business News And Advice For You – Volume 9

On our travels we come across interesting articles and advice that we feel might be of interest to small business owners.

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Can I Use This Photo on Social Media? Understanding Image Copyright

When it comes to sourcing images and respecting photo copyright laws, you don’t want to make any mistakes

This new website could help solve the UK’s late invoice payment problem


Self-employed pensions – what you need to know


How to Use Video Content to Sell

Wondering how video can support your sales process? Discover how to create four types of video that are essential to a company’s online sales process. Learn the importance of involving your sales team and how to help them shine on-camera.


Three business trends to watch this year


Getting started with Facebook ads?

Feel inspired by brands who are doing it right.

How to Use the Facebook Audience Overlap Tool

Do you need to improve your FB ad performance? Wondering how to avoid serving the same ad to the same people too many times? Discover the common causes of over-serving advertisements and how to solve audience overlap.

Business rates hardship fund proves ‘false hope’ after more than £70m delayed


British Business Bank to support £100m in loans to small businesses after Carillion collapse


£30,000 Make It Possible Fund Will Support Three British Start-Ups


How the Twitter Timeline Works (and 6 Simple Tactics to Increase Your Reach)


Your 20-minute business continuity plan

Disaster recovery: how to keep your business up and running if something goes wrong with your IT.

7 Twitter Hashtag Research Tools for Marketers

Do you use hashtags for marketing campaigns on Twitter? Find seven tools for researching and reporting on Twitter hashtags.

How to Use the YouTube Community Tab to Engage Subscribers

Looking for new ways to engage with your YT subscribers? Have you heard of the Community tab? Learn how to use this new feature to engage with subscribers, inspire new content, and promote your business.

The New Facebook Algorithm: Secrets Behind How It Works and What You Can Do To Succeed

The Facebook algorithm is constantly evolving in order to provide a better experience for users. But few changes to the algorithm have sparked as much interest and conversation as the recent ‘meaningful interactions’ update, in which Facebook said it would be prioritizing posts that create meaningful conversations, especially those from family and friends.


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