Walk-in Centre Encourages People To ‘Examine Their Options’ Before Seeking Treatment

During 2017, St Helens NHS Walk-in Centre and Minor Injuries Unit saw over 52,000 patients helping to relieve the pressures on local hospitals.

As demand on NHS services increases this winter, St Helens NHS Walk-in Centre staff are urging anyone who feels unwell to think carefully and examine their options before accessing NHS services.

St Helens NHS Walk-in Centre and Minor Injuries Unit, based at The Millennium Centre, has a team of specially trained and experienced nurses on hand seven days a week, 365 days a year to treat a range of urgent but non-serious conditions such as suspected simple fractures, sprains, minor burns and chest infections.

Over the Christmas period, 1,391 patients were treated at the centre; 47 of which were seen on Christmas day.

Lynn Swift, Clinical Services Manager and a nurse clinician at St Helens NHS Walk-in Centre, said, “Our highly dedicated team of staff are proud to support our local hospitals by providing the best possible treatment they can to everyone who comes through our doors at the walk-in centre. Last year, we treated on average 142 patients a day for a range of ailments and illnesses.

“We welcome anyone who needs treatment into St Helens NHS Walk-in Centre but as the winter progresses and more pressure is put on our local Accident and Emergency Departments and our centre, we are kindly asking the public if they feel unwell to choose carefully which NHS service they access.

“We want everyone to stay well this winter but if you have a mild cold, cough, upset stomach or hangover over the winter period, please consider getting advice at your local pharmacy. Many of these conditions can last for over a week and antibiotics will not help. If you need urgent advice out of hours, you can also call NHS 111 or if you have symptoms which aren’t going away you can make an appointment with your GP.“

Find out more information about staying well this winter and the different NHS services available at https://www.nhs.uk/staywell and https://www.nhs.uk/

St Helens NHS Walk-in Centre and Minor Injuries Unit is based at:

The Millennium Centre
Corporation Street
St Helens
WA10 1HJ

And is open 7am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 10pm Sundays.

The centre can be contacted by calling 01744 627400.

To find out more about the centre visit www.bridgewater.nhs.uk/haltonsthelens/walkincentresthelens


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