Past, Present And Future

The past and it’s relevance to today, and the future……

Our Director, Mike Ashworth, was chatting with someone the other day about current changes proposed to land across the Borough. Building homes, warehouses, business parks and the like.

He wondered whether, when changes were happening in the past, were people upset about them at the time.

Mike said “Things we are nostalgic about today, canals, mining, Pilkington and others in their heyday. Many many years ago before those things existed, there would have been a lot of change required to create them. I’m certain that people even gave their lives in the past in the pursuit of economic development, creating jobs, where they did not previously exist”

“Sure, it’s difficult to get excited about a large warehouse, I totally get that, but I wonder whether people were as concerned about those changes that occurred in in the past as they appear to be now.”

“I wonder what’s changed, what’s the difference? We still need to pursue economic growth, the creation of jobs and more, in our local economy and across the region.”

“Why do we feel that land earmarked for such a use today, is worse than the land that would have been used in the past. It would have all been greenbelt / open space before someone decide to dig for coal, or build a factory, or dig a canal through it.”

“What would St Helens look like today, how would it be fairing economically, if those decisions had not been made in the the past. If the owners of various companies has decided not to build or invest here, because change would be required, and people did not like it.”

We’re keen to hear what you think. What’s changes. What’s the difference between the change that happened in the past, and the changes being proposed today.

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