Where To Watch Over 300 British Animated Films For Free Online

The history of animation doesn’t begin and end with studios in Japan and the U.S. Artists in the UK have been drawing and sculpting cartoons for over a century, and now some of the best examples of the medium to come out of the country are available to view for free online.

As It’s Nice That reports, the British Film Institute has uploaded 300+ films to the new archive on BFI player, “Animated Britain”.

The collection includes hand-drawn and stop motion animation plus many distinct styles in between. Viewers will find ads, documentaries, films for children, and films for adults dating from 1904 to the present day. Episodes of classic cartoons like SuperTed and Clangers as well as obscure clips that are hard to find elsewhere are included.

The archive description reads:

“Through its own weird alchemy, animation can bring our wildest imaginings to life, and yet it can also be a powerful tool for exploring our everyday reality. Silly, surreal, sweet or caustic, this dizzyingly diverse selection showcases British animation’s unique contribution to the art form, and offers a history ripe for rediscovery.”

The project marks the start of a whole year dedicated to animation. UK residents can stream films for free at BFI player, or check out their rental offerings for more British animated classics.


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