Shopper Whopper Kids’ Club Returns!

Church Square Shopping Centre’s very popular Shopper Whopper Kids’ Club made a welcome return earlier this week.

Little visitors to the kids’ club created Valentine’s hearts and also learnt about St Helens history.

Steve Brogan, Church Square Centre Manager, said: “We’re thrilled to have had such a good start to 2018 with our Shopper Whopper Kids’ Club. More than 100 children turned up to take part in the Valentine’s Day-themed activity and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about our town’s heritage.

“2018 is such a momentous year for the town and its community. St Helens is steeped in history, from our mention in the Doomsday Book through to the successful role it played throughout the industrial revolution when coal mining and glass making thrived in the town. We are extremely proud of our heritage and this year is all about celebrating this.

“As a hub for the town’s people, Church Square is playing it parts in our anniversary year and Shopper Whopper Kids’ Club is the perfect way to do this, engaging with the younger generations so they too can learn more about the great place we live in. We are all looking forward to the numerous events that are being hosted across St Helens over the course of the next 12 months.”


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