Industry Upcycling Initiative With Bagnalls

St Helenc College staff and students receiving donation from Bagnalls

Painting and decorating students at St Helens College were delighted to receive generous donations of materials and painting supplies from their employer partner and industry link, Bagnalls, which enabled them to continue to develop valuable knowledge and skills, to prepare them for a successful career in the industry.

The construction department received industry specification equipment such as paintbrushes and rollers and upwards of 200, 5 litre and 2.5 litre tins, including standard undercoat alkyds, standard undercoat gloss, matt emulsion, silk emulsion and acrylic egg shell. Bagnalls also donated 40 standard rolls of unused wallpaper such as straight pattern and Muraspec. Bagnalls who have their own recycling system for older paints, are keen on preventing unwanted waste going to landfill and instead are involved with various community projects such as this to upcycle their waste.

Painting and decorating students will now spend the next couple of days working through the inventory, not only looking at material application but stock rotation. They will identify which types of paints there are, which category they come under and how they can be stored, pulling older stock to the front and newer stock to the back, to ensure the upkeep of materials.

Painting and Decorating Tutor, Terry O’Keefe, commented on the kind donations, saying, “This generous donation of painting and decorating sundries is extremely welcome and will really contribute to what the students are covering within the curriculum at the moment. It is really important that students are familiar with industry products as this really prepares them for their future careers.”

He added, “The paint, brushes, rollers and even wallcoverings are fantastic quality and expensive pieces. This will really benefit the students, as they’ll gain a greater understanding of a variety of materials and how they can be utilised in comparison to other trade names. We look forward to a continued partnership with Bagnalls and growing the employment opportunities with the College’s aspiring apprentices.”

St Helens College has a strong relationship spanning 40 years with Bagnalls, who regularly employ a cohort of apprentices from the College’s Painting and Decorating department.

Kevin Travers, Supervisor at Bagnalls, explains his personal connection with St Helens College, saying, “I started out as an apprentice here at St Helens College in 2002, where I was taught by tutors Terry and Sheila. It was in my second year I was introduced to Bagnalls before moving on to another company. I was fortunate enough to return to Bagnalls, whilst completing my final year at College and they then offered me full-time employment and I’ve been here ever since.”

He added, “Ever since then I’ve gone from strength to strength, working my way up from apprentice to Chargehand/Foreman to Supervisor, looking after both larger and smaller sites. I’ve maintained my relationship with the College through Terry, who helped me massively during my own studies there. As someone who found it difficult to focus, Terry helped me a lot, so I’ve got a lot to thank him for. Bagnalls is committed to their relationship with St Helens College and we have seen a regular intake of apprentices from this particular course, employing a lot locally. We currently have eight apprentices from St Helens College.”

St Helens College recognises Bagnalls as an industry leader, who help nurture students to bring out the best of their abilities.

Photo – St Helens College staff and students receiving donation from Bagnalls


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