Cycles Project Aims To Help Victims Of Hurricane Devastation In Caribbean

The Buzz Hub – St Helens CDP (Coalition of Disabled People) are working in partnership with Merseyside Police and the Liverpool Commonwealth Association to service bicycles and make them ready for shipment over to the Caribbean, as part of the Cycles 4 The Caribbean initiative.

In 2017 several small Caribbean islands were left devastated in the wake of hurricanes Irma and Maria. Due to the reduction in motorised transport in the wake of the hurricane the immediate effort focuses on sending bicycles, along with tools from Merseyside Police’s unclaimed-property-store or donated ones to aid Islanders in the Caribbean. In addition building materials to aid in the rebuilding of devastated houses will also be sent.

Shipments of bikes have already occurred and the first bikes the local St Helens group have been working on will leave in a few months. The cargo will be loaded in the Merseyside area and shipped to the Port of Road Town which is located on Tortola, British Virgin Island.

The local Halfords store have also helped out. They have donated tools and cleaning equipment in support of the project.

St Helens CDP members with Mark and Nathan from St Helens Halfords store.

The Buzz Hub – St Helens CDP is a fantastic organisation. If you know someone with a learning or physical disability. You should definitely check this place out for them.


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