Support For Grassroots Sports

Life can be pretty challenging for many smaller clubs / teams, so we at St Helens Unlimited were thinking about how we might be able to do something to help a little bit with that.

Here is our idea. We’ll create a Facebook group dedicated to local grassroots sports, whatever they might be football, rugby, hockey, basketball and more, whether for with / without disabilities etc

The aim of the group will be as follows

– To support clubs who want to gain new members.
– Clubs/teams to post match / game reports for all to access (this bits important as we want to share successes)
– We are always on the lookout for funding opportunities etc that may help smaller clubs and teams, and we’ll be able to share those opportunities with them directly.

What do people think? A good idea or not?

Let us know in the comments below or over on Facebook =>


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