GLL Community Foundation Fund

The Foundation has been established to provide grant funding and practical ‘in kind’ support with a value of up to £5,000 to a wide range of community schemes. Projects could include creating or renovating public spaces such as parks or gardens, running sports tournaments or supporting cultural or community events.

Along with financial support, GLL staff are also offering practical support and consultancy to projects, while Spacehive provides a platform for local schemes to build support and fundraise from within their own community.

GLL Community Foundation Fund want to help local communities play, learn and be active. From organising a 100 metre sprint on your high street to revamping a community library.

Projects they’re interested in funding

Creative and innovative ideas which provide opportunities for the people in your community to learn, play and be active together.

**Your project must also be taking place in one of the areas in which they work – to check if you project is eligible take a look at their locations**

The outcomes of the fund

It’s simple really – they want to help everyone in our local communities to benefit from playing, learning and being active together.

What’s on offer

Cash: Up to £5,000 pledged directly to your project on Spacehive.

Skills: GLL Qualified Instructors & Coaches, staff time, specialist expertise to help you develop or deliver your project idea.

Stuff: Use of our facilities, free activities (Swimming, Gym e.t.c), monthly membership discounts, Internal training places.


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