Rainford High Reunion – Class of 1988

Did you leave Rainford High in 1988? If you did then a reunion is being planned and they are on the hunt for all those who left School that year.

The organisers said, “As this year will mark 30 years since we left Rainford High School, we were wondering if people would be interested in a reunion?”

“If we have enough interest, we would be looking to have a reunion ‘do’ on a Saturday in June, preferably somewhere in Rainford.”

“So to get an idea on interest we have created a poll on Facebook. Please indicate if this is something you would be interested in and we will confirm details ASAP.”

“Unfortunately we haven’t been able to find everyone from our year on Facebook, if you are in touch with people who were in the class of 88 but are not on Facebook or we haven’t been able to locate them, please do pass this on to them.”

“We would love to see as many people as possible at this reunion”

Rainford high Reunion – Class of 1988 Facebook Page




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