The Emerge Awards Celebrate UK’s Creative Talent

The Emerge Awards from Zealous aim to celebrate new creative talent across the UK with £1,000 prize money in each of the 12 categories.

Zealous set up Emerge in response to the changing nature of the UK’s relationship with Europe. The aim of the competition is to safeguard the creative industries and promote new generations of diverse creative talent from all backgrounds across the UK.

12 Emerge prize categories are open to all creative talent residing in the UK. The categories are: Architecture, Art, Craft, Writing, Design, Digital Art, Fashion, Film, Gaming, Music, Performance and Photography.

All of the categories will be shortlisted to 15, from which industry judges will select the top 3 finalists. The individual winners of each prize category will be announced at an exclusive awards ceremony in central London.

£12,000+ in cash prizes: A minimum of £1,000 for the winner of each category (more based on confirmed sponsorships).

Exposure to Industry Judges: Shortlisted candidates will have their work seen by 3 top industry judges.

Coverage in the Media: Zealous are hard at work confirming partners to celebrate the winners across media related to their craft.

Deadline – 19th March

For full details, please visit the Zealous website.


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