Making Dreams Come True At Care Home

Stocks Hall Care Home in Dentons Green have a continuing goal of making dreams come true for the people living there.

Wally’s dream was to see Pink Floyd’s ultimate tribute band, Brit Floyd. Brit Floyd is a Pink Floyd tribute band formed in 2011 in Liverpool and their live shows attempt to emulate and recreate the sound and soundscape of Pink Floyd’s live shows.

Wally has always shown a keen interest in this band and asked staff at Stocks Hall, would they make his dream come true, to see them live.

The staff set to and booked the tickets for Wally’s wish to come true on 2nd March 2018 at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. The build up to the show was great and lots of conversations took place about the upcoming night, so much so, that two other people living at the Home wanted to come along and enjoy the event. Staff thought, the more the merrier and tickets were booked for all interested parties.

When Friday 2nd March arrived everyone was thrilled that wishes come true and the group which included Wally, Paul, David, Jane Cooper (Staff Nurse), Dawn Yates (HCA), and Lucy Peters (Activities Staff) all excitedly set off on their journey to see the world famous band.

Upon arriving at the Liverpool Echo Arena, everyone safely got off the minibus and sat comfortably in their seats, with refreshments, eagerly awaiting the band to start the show.

As the show commenced, the dancing and singing continued through the night, finishing with a roaring applause from the group.

On asking Wally what he thought about the memorable evening, he said ‘I was made up I got to see them and I am so glad to experience this.’


Lucy Peters, Activities Staff says “As we headed towards the exit I saw tables and pens lined up, Brit Floyd then appeared, with fans all around them. I made my way through the crowds with the t-shirts we had bought prior to the show starting. Brit Floyd kindly put their signatures on the T shirts and on Wally’s tickets. This was another highlight of the night as Wally had something extra special to remember the night, his dream come true.”

Julie Gaskell, the Home’s Manager, encourages everyone living at Stocks Hall St Helens to ‘make wishes regularly’ and let staff know about things they would like to do. Sometimes these can be little things, such as enjoying an ice cream beside the river, or sometimes they make wishes that require some additional assistance. Julie said “Nothing makes the team more happy than making dreams come true. These dreams don’t all cost a lot of money to make happen, but regardless of cost, they go a long way to bringing happiness to each Individual and their family.”



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