Northern Announces Timetables For RMT Strike Action – 26th and 29th March

Northern will run almost 1,400 rail services during each day of RMT strike action to keep the north of England on the move next week.

On Monday 26th and Thursday 29th March 2018 Northern will run more than 50% of its usual services, with a clear focus on peak time trains to get customers where they need to be.

The vast majority of services will operate between 7am and 7pm, with all trains expected to be extremely busy. On some routes, where trains are not able to run, Northern will supplement its services with the addition of a large fleet of rail replacement buses.

Sharon Keith, Northern’s Regional Director, said: “Once again we have developed amended timetables designed to keep the majority of our customers on the move at key times during the working day.

“We expect out services to be busy and, with amended timetables, we’re calling on our customers to plan ahead, check carefully and allow extra time for any journeys. Customers should also be aware that the timetables in place for strike days replace those already in operation in areas where engineering work is ongoing.”

Full details of the revised timetables – together with rail replacement bus schedules – and supporting information for customers can be found on the Northern Rail website.

Northern will have people out across the network during the coming week, and on the days of the RMT strike, to assist customers and answer any questions they might have.

Information will also be displayed on posters at all stations across the Northern network and on customer information screens where available.


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