Colours Of The World Hits St Helens College

A wave of culture hit St Helens College last week for its annual Colours of the World, equality and diversity event.

Staff and students from all curriculum areas came together to celebrate the event by producing exhibitions showcasing thirteen countries from across the globe, including; Spain, Poland, Monaco, England, China, Jamaica, Denmark, Mexico, Japan, Wales, Cuba, Germany and USA.

The buzz around College was felt by all, bringing a fierce sense of competition to the air, with each curriculum area itching to get their hands on the “Best Exhibition Stand” award.

The effort from everyone involved was outstanding, seeing an amazing array of displays produced which included; cuisine tasting, cultural dancing, hand-made landmarks, language tasters, walks through history, famous faces from across continents and plenty more.

Judging the competition was St Helens RLFC Players, Dominique Peyroux and Zeb Taia, who crowned our Childcare department this year’s winners with their fabulous display of Wales which included their hand-made centre piece of Mount Snowdon.

In second place was the Hair and Beauty department displaying USA, bringing the stars of Hollywood to St Helens, followed by the Supported Learning department in third place, who displayed a fantastic walk through English History with a visit from King Charles the first.

Principal Anne Pryer was on hand to congratulate winners and to thank everyone for their outstanding efforts as another fantastic year of, Colours of the World, draws to a close.

Rachel Summerskill, Childcare Programme Leader and this year’s winner, said: “Colours of the World is such a big event for our department, three years on and it seems to be getting bigger and better! Watching quiet, less confident students come into their own and go above and beyond is what I love about this event. The icing on the cake though is our VIPs, the children from the Nursery, who came along to enjoy the activities, which is by far the most rewarding.”

Amy Welding, Level 3 Youth Work Practice student, commented: “I really enjoyed being involved with the Colours of the world event, the buzz around College was amazing. It gave us the chance to use the skills we’d learnt on our course to create fun activities suitable for students and the nursery children.”


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