#StHelensHour Monday 2nd April 2018

Last night’s #StHelensHour, the Twitter Networking Hour for the Borough, was another great one. Thankyou to everyone who got involved.

82 contributors, creating 407 tweets, which reached 442,039 people.

Below you will find a “storyboard” of all the tweets during #StHelensHour

Artists, crafts, makers, local businesses, bands, events, schools and colleges, local heritage and history, sports teams and more. It really is the Best of The Borough. Blows me away every week!


If you have something positive you’d love to share then tweet on a Monday evening between 8-9pm and include the #StHelensHour hashtag.

Perhaps you are a local artist with great work to share, a business with a great offer or promotion, a community group who has an event coming up, a sports team looking for new members or a win you’d like to tell people about. Just a few ideas to get you started.

You can view all the tweets each Monday night between 8-9pm as they happen via this link

Be sure to retweet those you like

Also follow the St Helens Unlimited Twitter account to keep up with all the great news and successes from across the Borough www.twitter.com/sthelensunltd

All the stats on last night’s #SthelensHour are here

You can also find the storyboard from last nights #StHelenshour here


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