All We’ve Got Left Is Each Other

“All we’ve got left is each other” – A phrase our Director, Mike Ashworth, has been using a lot over the last few years, with the various cuts being seen across the Country. Initially it had a rather despairing tone to it, but that’s changed now. He explains further……

“I’ve seen the news in The Star that the Council are to cease funding events next year. Obviously this is not great news, but it doesn’t have to be the end of events across the Borough.

“People working together across the Borough can achieve amazing things. Take Newton Town Show as just one example. They didn’t sit there waiting for someone to make it happen. Local residents got together and made it happen. They are not superhumans. Just ordinary people, like you, who wanted something they could be proud of, so made it happen.

“I’m sure it wasnt all plain sailing, but the hurdles, barries, walls we face in life arent there to stop us achieving things. They are there to prove how much we want them.

“The Newton Town Show organisers cracked on with it, and it’s a fantastic annual event, that we can all be proud of.

“Take a look at the Sherdley Show. Yep, it doesnt exist anymore, Yep it got canned by The Council. But why does that have to be the end of the story?

“I’ve witnessed hundreds of people share memories about the Show, moan about it’s demise. Imagine if you could channel all that energy and start it again. Why not? What’s stopping you?

“It wont be easy, but the best things in life never are.

“People could create a great event again. And guess what, there will be even more pride in it because you’ll have created it yourselves.

“There are many examples of people across the Borough who decided they wanted to create something, and did. You can be one of them as well.

“There are pots of money available across the UK that people could tap into.

“And it doesnt just have to be events we’re talking about either. Concerned about your local pub shutting?. Why not take it over and run it as a community owned enterrpise. It’s happening across the UK and funds, support, advice exist to help people achieve these things.

“There are so many new things that could be created if only people realised that they are powerful and not powerless.

“St Helens Unlimited, a Social Enterprise I set-up to support positive change, is more than happy to support anyone who wants to do make a difference.

“Yep, all we’ve got left is each other. But that’s an amazing thing. So why not tap into it.

“We are stronger together…..”



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