Have We Got Business News And Advice For You – Volume 18

On our travels we come across interesting articles and advice that we feel might be of interest to small business owners. Also be sure to check out the latest St Helens Business News

How to Use Facebook Ad Dayparting to Optimize Your Results

Want to make sure you serve Facebook and Instagram ads when your followers are online? Learn how to use dayparting to schedule Facebook and Instagram ads to pause and run on specific days and times.

How to Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences With Custom Audiences

Want to expand your ad reach on Facebook? Looking for new ways to target potential customers? Our expert explains custom and lookalike audience options that help you make the most of your customer list, and shares how to use website visitor data, engagements, and lead ads to find new potential customers.

How to prepare for your first hire

Hiring is a leap of faith. The person you meet at the interview stage could be completely different from the person you deal with day to day. https://www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/articles/how-to-prepare-for-your-first-hire.803/

Door drops: The easy way to find the right customers for your business

When you’re a small business or sole trader, you want to reach your target customer in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. There are plenty of channels for doing this in the digital space, but have you considered the value of direct, hard-copy advertising?

Ecommerce fraud: How to avoid being stung


Top Marketing Tips For Small-To-Midsize Business Owners

In this day and age, running your own business can be incredibly profitable. Nevertheless, it comes with a wealth of new responsibilities. As a small or medium-sized business owner, it is absolutely pertinent to focus on expansion. Marketing and advertising to potential clients in your region is truly the best way to attract new clients.

How to Optimize a Website for Lead Generation

Every business needs a polished website to expand in today’s ultra-competitive market. However, many websites fail to accomplish their primary goal: attracting and keeping the attention of their target market.

What Do the New Twitter Rules Mean for Social Media Managers

Keeping Twitter safe and free from spam is a top priority for us. — Yoel Roth, API Policy and Product Trust at Twitter This year, the team at Twitter has taken additional action to keep Twitter free from spam. Specifically, they have introduced new rules around automation and the use of multiple accounts.

How to Reshare an Instagram Post to Your Stories

Wish you could easily reshare someone else’s Instagram post? Have you heard of Instagram’s Add Post to Your Story feature? Discover how to add any public post to your Instagram story, and how this feature can benefit your business.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party in Your Facebook Group

Want to build more engagement in your Facebook group? Now your group can watch and comment on videos together. Find how to run a Facebook watch party inside your Facebook group.

6 Instagram Stories Design Tools for Marketers

Want to create more professional-looking Instagram stories? Wondering how to easily add design elements or music to your stories? Explore six easy-to-use design tools that will make your Instagram stories more interesting.

How to Customize Your Instagram Story Highlights Cover

Wondering how to make stories highlights more recognizable to your followers? Find out how to change your IG story highlight covers from the default view to a branded cover image.

4 Tools to Help Rank Your YouTube Videos

Are your videos ranking in YT search? Looking for tools to optimize your titles, keywords, and tags? Discover a four-step process to reveal high-performing keywords for your YouTube content.

How small businesses can target growth using technology


11 Quick Email Marketing Tips that Will Increase Your Response Rates

Despite the rumors, email marketing is definitely not dead. In fact, among savvy marketers, it is actually rated one of the most effective marketing strategies.

How Much Time Should You Invest in Networking?

Sometimes, you don’t need to figure out how much to invest in networking. What you really need to determine is whether or not a particular event is worth your time. I, for one, have attended plenty of networking events that went nowhere. Over time, I learned to develop a series of questions to help me determine whether or not I should attend an event.

12 Overlooked Facebook Features That Help Marketers

Do you need to streamline your FB marketing activities? Have you explored all of the functions Facebook has for marketers? Explore 12 overlooked Facebook features that help you better manage your content and communities.


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