Book – Shouldn’t Throw Stones – The View of a Night Watchman

The exhibition “Shouldn’t Throw Stones – The view of a Night Watchman” is the culmination of a two-year project undertaken by artist Kevin Casey. Part documentary photography, part archival re-presentation and part making ends meet, as Casey’s ‘night job’ as an on-site security guard at the former Pilkington Glass Headquarters became his ‘day job’ as an artist, the work presented tells the story of an uncertain future, tense present and captivating past.

Further to the works on display at Alexandra Park, visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to visit selected spaces within the former Pilkington Glass complex, designed by the mid-20th Century Architect, Edwin Maxwell Fry, of Fry and Drew.

Tickets to the exhibition are FREE but limited in number. Book now

Book Of The Project

The book is a reflection of the role of a night worker, the U.K. manufacturing industry, the role of trying to sustain as a contemporary artist/photographer and an exercise in recovering and documenting archive materials.

The book is available to purchase either when you visit the exhibition or online via this link


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