Grrrreat New Tiger Trail Launching This Summer At Knowsley Safari!


No ordinary walk in the woods, Knowsley Safari is launching a brand new Amur Tiger Trail for Summer 2018.

The new development, where visitors can explore a forest in search of tigers, has taken over a year to complete and there will be a grand opening on 24 May 2018. Guests visiting throughout the summer are invited to immerse themselves in the Russian themed habitat and learn all about the Amur tiger – also known as the Siberian tiger.

The journey through the tiger habitat reveals unique observation areas through full length viewing windows and the whole visitor experience has been designed with fun and learning in mind.

Edward Perry, Managing Director at Knowsley Safari, says: “This is the first major habitat development we’ve undertaken in recent years and it sets the standard of things to come at Knowsley Safari. As always, our starting point was to create an enriching and natural landscape for our Amur tiger sisters, Sinda and Bira to explore and enjoy.

“As well as creating a great environment for our sisters to thrive, we also wanted to bring our visitors a real taste of what makes the Amur Tiger different to other subspecies and educate them on the challenges they face in the wild – all through play and fun! We want this to be an active experience for our guests and so we’ve created lots of different activities around the habitat for them to explore and learn from.”

Amur tigers are an endangered species with numbers thought to be around 500 in the wild. Of the nine subspecies of tiger three are already extinct and the Amur tiger are the largest living species remaining.

Eveline de Wolf, Head of Living Collection at Knowsley Safari, adds: “This is the first of many new plans we have for our Amur tigers as we are working with the European Breeding programme coordinators on the introduction of a male in the coming months. We are also partnering with the Wild Cats Conservation Alliance to support conservation efforts protecting these magnificent predators under threat”

There is huge potential in using tigers that are in breeding programmes to boost the health of the wild tigers. The new facility at Knowsley Safari has been designed to enable breeding and contribute to the global breeding programme.


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