Grants to support family carers (deadline 25th June 2018)

The St James’s Place Charitable Foundation offers grants to hospices to support projects that will make a tangible difference to people who provide unpaid care for terminally ill friends or family. (i.e. informal carers or care givers). Grants of up to £40,000 will support projects running over a period of 18 months that will help hospices to initiate or build on a hospice enabled approach to supporting carers by, for example:

  • Putting into practice the recommendations or findings from an organisational or local scoping exercise
  • Piloting a new project based on a robust needs assessment
  • Introduction of an intervention or tool
  • Adapting existing activities where, through the investment of additional resources, greater impact can be achieved through adoption of new roles and approaches.
  • Responding to national policy or research evidence.

The total available funding in this grant round is £500,000 which is expected to be shared between twelve and fifteen grants.

Eligible organisations will be based in the UK and full members of Hospice UK as Adult or Children’s hospices.

The Foundation is also keen to fund projects which target less visible carers such as:

  • Children and Young People (up to 25 years old) as carers i.e. siblings, family members or friendship groups
  • Friends and non-family members as carers
  • Reluctant carers e.g. through previous experience or current circumstances
  • Men as carers
  • Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual, transgender and non-binary carers.

Grants will cover a discrete range of activities with a clear purpose and could include staff salary (full-time or part-time staffing, or a combination of both); Equipment; Travel and Staff training.

The deadline for applications is 17:00 on Monday, 25th June 2018. Applicants will be informed whether or not they have been successful by mid-August 2018.


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