St Helens Town Centre Improvement Commission Report March 2015

In 2014 Ged Gibbons, an external consultant, was tasked with undertaking a root and branch review of St Helens Town Centre

The key Terms of Reference for the Town Centre Improvement Commission were:

  • To produce a strategy to secure a long term viable future for the town centre
  • To produce, monitor and keep updated a Town Centre enhancement action plan in a form which can be monitored and updated
  • To work closely with Town Centre property owners to secure suitable end users for the vacant space
  • To assist vacant property owners to target retailers which it is considered would attract shoppers to the Town Centre
  • To review current car parking policy with the aim of increasing use by those visiting the Town Centre as opposed to working in the Town Centre
  • To suggest improvements to the Town Centre, for consideration by the Cabinet, which if implemented would increase occupancy levels
  • To review the events offer to ensure that the programme has the maximum impact on the Town Centre

The report was produced in March 2015 and presented to cabinet in July 2015. You can download a copy or read it below


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