Have we got business news and advice for you – Volume 19

On our travels we come across interesting articles and advice that we feel are of benefit to small business owners. Also be sure to check out the latest St Helens Business News

Drop shipping for beginners


How to tackle a difficult conversation with an employee

Do you need to talk to an employee about their performance or a personal issue?


20 top Instagram tips

There’s more to Instagram than cute images and hashtags.


3 Overlooked Facebook Lookalike Audiences That Will Improve Your Ad Results

Want better results from your Facebook lookalike audiences? Wondering which custom audiences yield the best-performing lookalike audiences? Learn how to create three highly tuned Facebook lookalike audiences from your most valuable custom audiences.


How to Retarget People Who Click on Curated Content

Do you share curated content on social media? Wondering how to retarget people who click on the third-party content you share? Discover two ways to retarget people who click links to content you share, whether that content is yours or someone else’s.


Seven ways to hire and retain top talent without spending a fortune


How to stay innovative as your business grows


Impatience is a virtue: The secrets to crowdfunding success revealed


Winning the sale without dropping the price

Sales guru Andy Preston suggests four great ways to sell without having to resort to discounting.


Seven ways to improve your online conversion rates

Dan Croxen-John explains how Conversion Rate Optimisation can significantly boost your online sales.


What the experts said / on making your business stand out in a crowded market?


How to Protect Your Business From a Social Phishing Scam

Are you ready to respond if someone pretends to be you on social media? Wondering how to protect your customers and brand from a social phishing attack? Find four ways to protect your business from scams that feature erroneous links to outright brand impersonation


Facebook Groups: How to Develop Engaging Communities

Are you looking for creative ways to develop an engaged, loyal community inside a FB group? Our expert explains how to choose a niche for your group that complements your business goals, and shares tips for promoting engagement and moving group members into your marketing funnel.


How to Use LinkedIn That Will Help You Build Your Business

Although the number of followers should not be the end-all, it’s nice to have a few followers. Whatever you do, though, don’t buy followers on LinkedIn or any other social media platform. And by the way, you’ll get the same lack of engagement on other platforms, including LinkedIn, if you decide to buy followers


How to Turn Clients and Customers Into Repeat Business

very small business owner wants repeat business. Even if you’re all about the hustle, it requires a ton of active work to constantly pitch your products and services to others. Having some repeat business can provide you with a sense of security and stability while you dedicate some time and effort to grow your business in other areas. So how can you turn clients into repeat business? Here are my top tips.


Instagram Shadowban? What Marketers Need to Know

Worried your IG visibility has been reduced? Wondering if your account is at risk for a “shadowban”? Find out how to avoid activities that can result in reduced visibility on Instagram.


How to Move Your Social Traffic Into a Sales Funnel

Want more conversions from your organic social traffic? Wondering how to set up a sales funnel for your social media visitors? Learn how to convert more social media visitors using a sales funnel.


How to Use the Facebook Budget Optimization Tool for Improved Results

Wondering how to allocate your advertising budget to reach the most effective audiences? Learn how and when to use FB’s Budget Optimization tool to automatically optimize your budget distribution across ad sets.


How to Add Facebook Customer Chat to Your Website

Want a better way to connect with prospects and customers? Did you know that Messenger makes it easy to have a live conversation with people who visit your site? Learn how to embed a FB Messenger chat widget on your website.


How to Generate Leads and Sell With Live Video

Wondering how you can use live video to build a following and generate leads? Our expert explains her formula for providing valuable content during a broadcast, and shares how to boost sales with a live product launch.


7 self-employed tax changes you need to know about for 2018


Can I remove a bad Google review?

I’ve got 13 five star Google reviews, and I’ve just received my first one star review from someone I’ve never dealt with. I’ve replied back in a professional manner and flagged it as inappropriate, but what’s the actual likelihood of getting it removed?


Six ways to make your small business look bigger

Clever ways to attract customers by making your small firm look more professional and well-established.


Why you shouldn’t compete on price

Don’t make price the main reason that customers should choose you over your rivals says Ben Dyer.


7 Ways to Target Website Visitors With Facebook Custom Audiences

Wondering how to retarget prospects on FB based on their activity with your website, or product or landing pages? Discover seven website custom audiences you can use to generate new sales or leads from your site visitors.


LinkedIn Layout Changes and Feature Updates: What Marketers Need to Know

When was the last time you updated your LI profile? Are you taking advantage of all of the platform features available to you? Explore the latest changes to LinkedIn and find ways you can use each one to enhance your marketing and networking.



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